Home Health Care & Medical Supplies

Home Health Care & Medical Supplies


RTL12027RABathroom Safety

Bath rails, raised toilet seats and commodes.

Convalescent Care

We offer sales and rentals of Walkers, Scooters, Wheelchairs and Electric Beds.We deliver and instal lwith a full guarantee.

Home Healthcare

First aid supplies, bandages, dressings, surgical equipment and footcare products.

Mastecomy Products

Our qualified staff can fit you with post-mastecomy and post-lumpectomy prostheses, brassieres and lymphedema sleeves. Private consultations and fittings can be arranged.

Ostomy and Wound Care

All brands of products available. (Hollister, Coloplast, Squibb/Convatec)

Surgical Support Stockings

Certified fitters can assist with measurement and correct fit of a full line of Support and Compression Stockings.image

Incontinence Management

A complete selection of products including Attends, Depends, Bed Pads and Covers, Catheters nd leg bags.

Hypo-Allergenic Products

Pillows and mattress covers

Sports Medicine

A full line of support braces including Ortho-Active, New Edge and Futuro.

First Aid Kits

We carry a complete line of home, office and industrial First-Aid kits or can customize to your specifications.

Breast Pumps

Rx Ram Pharmacy Specialists offers retail sales and rentals of breast pumps.  We offer a wide range of breast pumps which include manual pumps all the way to fully automatic.