Specialty Programs

A Partnership in Your Health Care Management

Our Health Care Team at RX Ram Pharmacy Specialists is committed to providing you a health care service that is unique to our industry and specifically focused on providing you the very highest quality standard of health.

Our program is free and is based on the premise of RxRam Pharmacy Specialists creating a collaborative partnership with you and your other health care professionals including your doctor, to provide the knowledge and tools to help you manage a healthy lifestyle.

Our program offers you the following benefits:

  • A personal medical binder that is consistently updated by our RxRam Pharmacists that includes critical information for managing your health including:
    • Your up-to-date medications, allergies, drug programs, personal data and other critical information required by your Doctor or Emergency Response Personnel
    • All drug information related to the medications you are taking
    • An up-to-date medication profile printout from our Pharmacy
    • Current lab results so our Pharmacist can monitor and optimize your medication use and/or recommend medication changes to your Doctor if required
    • Ongoing Caregiver comments as a way for your Health Care Team to communicate with each other about issues relating to your health care
    • Articles specific to your medical conditions that will be carefully selected for you by our RxRam Pharmacists
    • Life style recommendations to improve your quality of life
  • Emergency 24 hour access to our RxRam Pharmacists should you have questions or concerns
  • Monthly medication reviews that are absolutely critical to managing your medical conditions
  • Medication management (adapting a prescription) which includes changes, renewals, and substitutions as allowed under the current scope of Pharmacy practice in BC
  • Excellent pricing on all non prescription medications, medical supplies and medical equipment
  • Ability to bill all Third Party Medical Plans (e.g. Pharmacare; Blue Cross; Veterans Affairs; NIHB; Assure; Green Shield; RX Plus; Express Group)